lightning & Micro
USB Cable


Our Android & iOS 26cm cable is designed for Powerbanks usage, minimising the annoying long cable tangling everywhere. While supporting high speed 2.1A output, it is to provide the fastest charge.


Designed for powerbank

With many experiments and user testings, our design team have concluded that 26cm is the best length which balances the usability without having too much cables tangling and hanging.

Android & iOS

Having the Android Micro USB port and iOS lightning port means that you can just carry the one cable when you go, charging diffident devices with it.


Copper Core

Premium material was used not only on what you see, but also the inner parts. With cooper core it make sure that your cable is durable and long lasting.

Charge & Sync

Just in case you need to transfer data from your mobile device to computers, the Charge & Sync feature ensure you can Sync while charging in High-speed.

Charge Your
Fast Charge

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