Type C
USB 3.1 Gen1 Cable


Designed for home and office use. 120CM is the perfect length without compromising charging speed. While supporting USB 3.1, it is to provide the fastest charge.

USB 3.1

High Speed

USB 3.1 means that you will have the fastest charging speed, up to 40x more powerful than USB 2.0 .

Reversible Design

Finally with USB Type-C the USB cable will become reversible killing off that most irritating of first world problems and meaning no more fumbling around. This was arguably the best aspect of Apple’s Lightning connector and now USB has the same flexibility.

Up to 10Gbs/s

Charge & Sync

Just in case you need to transfer data from your mobile device to computers, the Charge & Sync feature ensure you can Sync while charging in High-speed.

Charge Your
Fast Charge

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