Ultra Bass
with Mic.


The World class Banye earphone that designed to travel with style. The champagne chrome finish sets the benchmark for elegance.
With microphone and control built in, you will never missed a business call. Our Ultra Bass technology is our insist on not compromising sound quality over styles.


For Smartphone

Our experts at Banye have tuned the earphone to be well-balance with high and mid. We make sure that you listen to music like it was live performance.

Bass Boost

Deep Bass Range performance. Low-bass is well-balanced and extended, designed for Deep bass lovers.


Microphone and Remote

The Remote control let you easily play and pause songs on the go. Certified with Android and iOS

Play and Pause

in inline microphone and remote make for easy switching between calls and music with select Samsung and Android™ devices.

Listen To Music
You Were There

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